September 24 2020

The Staubach lab is looking for a PhD student or postdoc to work on Drosophila genetic variation and microbiomes. This fully funded project will have a strong computational component involving metagenome and population genetic analyses. The candidate should have a background either in metagenomics or quantitative genetics/population genetics.

The position can either be filled with a PhD student or a postdoc. Salary for a PhD student will be according to 65% TV-L E13 (33-38k Euros per year) for 3 years. For a postdoc salary will be TV-L E13 100% (50-60k Euros per year) for 2 years.

Freiburg University has an excellent scientific and intellectual atmosphere and the city provides a very high quality of life with a beautiful city center and surroundings ideal for skiing, hiking and biking (Black Forest, mountains, lakes).

To apply, please send a single pdf file containing a ½ – 1 page motivation letter, your CV (including potential publications and university grades), a max. 300 word abstract of a previous research project, and the names and email addresses of two potential referees.

Please also contact me in case you have any further questions.

I am always happy to bat around some project ideas, so feel free to contact me if you are interested in joining the lab.

If you are interested in joining the lab from abroad, take a look at the site of the German Academic Exchange Service They offer a variety of funding options including the support of PhD projects.

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